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Quality ReportQZSS Signal Quality Report

Quality ReportOutline

JAXA appreciates your cooperation for QZSS Signal Quality Report.

This report is aiming at collecting information from users, in the case that there are signs of deteriorations of positioning signal qualities transmitted from the first Quasi-Zenith Satellite (QZS-1), “MICHIBIKI”. If you find any deteriorations of MICHIBIKI’s signal qualities, outages or degradations of positioning accuracy caused by deteriorations of MICHIBIKI’s signal qualities, please fill out the form below to provide information. Your information is used for investigation into the cause, and prevention or mitigation of the future similar event.

JAXA will try to provide all users with steady signal quality of QZS-1, “MICHIBIKI” until the responsibility of the MICHIBIKI operation will be transferred to the future QZSS operator. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Please be sure to read the followings:

Problem covered by this Report

This report is to provide JAXA with information for MICHIBIKI’s signal quality deteriorations assumed NOT to be caused by user terminals. Please be aware in advance that this report is not available to assist solving the troubles including that your receivers are leading people to an incorrect address or do not receive signals caused by a malfunction of your receiver or algorithms in your receiver’s software.

JAXA thanks you for your patience regarding this matter.

Request for Log Provision

In some cases, JAXA might request you to provide your log file and others. Please save receivers log files and observation data in the event of anomaly to a maximum extent.

Personal Information

Some fields are required for submission, but all personal data will be kept private and will only be used to contact you in the event that we need more information. We will not use personal information for any other purpose.

Quality Report Input FormsQZSS Signal Quality Report Input Forms

Please fill out the following form. (All fields followed by an asterisk* must be filled in.)

Contact Information

1)*Your Name
2)*Email Address
3)*Telephone Number
4)Preferred Method and Time to be contacted
(if additional information is necessary)
Preferred Method:
Preferred contacted Time:

About the QZSS Problem

5)*When did the problem occur? Date: //

Time: ::
ex) hh:mm:ss (24-hour)

Time Zone
6)*Is the problem ongoing?

7)*Where did the problem occur? deg

City or Landmarks:


8)*Please specify the problem information.
within 3000 characters
9)What equipment did you use? Receiver Type:

Antenna Type:

the Other:

within 500 characters
10)What was the elevation of the antenna?
11)What is the purpose to use QZSS ?

If select the other, please fill out specifically.

within 500 characters
12)What was the receiver being used for at the time of the problem?
within 500 characters
13)What signals did you use? GPS Availability Enhancement:
GPS Performance Enhancement:
14)What systems did you use?
15)How many satellites were being tracked at the time of the problem?
ex) NN satellites.
16)Please specify PRN numbers if there were satellites on which the same problem occurred. PRN numbers:

ex) G01
17)Please specify data types if you have any data at the time of the problem? data types:


Enter displayed code.

Reload Image

Thank you for your cooperation.

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