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QZSS+GPS Final Products DataFinal Products

QZSS+GPS Ultra Rapid Products DataOutline

Final products are the results of offline analysis on the orbits and the clock of the GPS satellites and QZS-1, generated at the Master Control Station (MCS) of QZSS.

They are lists data below for each satellite at each given time.

Consult the sp3c format for more information.

In the products, "Time System" (Line13 Columns10-12) indicates "QZS", the time system that is identical to the GPST with a difference of tens of nanoseconds. Besides please note that the navigation messages are compliant with GPST.

The final products are to be released approximately 6 days later.

Approximately 20 cm (3D, rms) of an overlap difference is achieved. Please note that the difference may increase during the events such as an attitude maneuvering.

QZSS+GPS Final Products DataDefinition

  • x coordinate(km)
  • y coordinate(km)
  • z coordinate(km)
  • clock (microsec)
  • x standard deviation(mm)
  • y standard deviation(mm)
  • z standard deviation(mm)
  • clock standard deviation(psec)

How to calculate the standard deviations

std = b^n

"b" is a number that appears in line 15 of the header part, and
"n" is an integer number that appears in the data part.


<line 15 of the header part>
%f  1.2500000  1.025000000  0.00000000000  0.000000000000000

<data part>
PG02  15882.418690    837.844941 -21063.366273    409.398214  4  6  3 148       

The standard deviations of position can be calculated as follows:

x_std = 1.2500000^4 = 2.441406(mm)
y_std = 1.2500000^6 = 3.814697(mm)
z_std = 1.2500000^3 = 1.953125(mm)

The standard deviation of clock can be calculated as follows:

clk_std = 1.025^148 = 38.6484497(psec)

QZSS+GPS Final Products DataLatest Final Products

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